Sauna Hotel new oizumi is end of the year holiday season every 24 hours seven days a week open! Inari-Cho Ueno, Asakusa, Shinjuku & Shin-Okubo and high means sauna hotel easy access from takadanobaba. At 3000 Yen-the bath 1800 Yen ~! In "oizumi" relaxing & refreshing! Please relax and enjoy it!

Inari-Cho store

On-site facilities

This restaurant is accepted!

As well as facilities such as restrooms, reclining room equipped bath and sauna.

As long as your time permits, relax and unwind. Complete set of body care and accommodation accommodation Pack launched!

Bo de program care

Bathing and sauna after in the care of the body to release the tension, rejuvenating!
* Prices including tax representation.

12:00-22:30 ※月曜定休

And the décor is to get rid of the old layers of skin (dirt), improve skin metabolism, improves blood circulation of the body.

(Korea-pass) Trial course 30 minutes 3500 yen (tax included)
(Washcloth & oil) Neat course 45 5500 yen (tax included)
New oizumi courses 60 min 7000 yen (tax included)
(Limpatritoment) Aromarinpatritoment 40: 5000 Yen(Tax included) 
Special course 80-10000 Yen(Tax included) 

Rates & sales information

* Prices including tax representation.
* 1 join stay at midnight after 1 p.m., the store is the check-out time is 12:00 day.
* 2 join in the 5:00 PM store if that is 1:00 until midnight.
* 3 If you were charged late check-out time is morning 10:00 will be.

Store information

Access to our

* Food and beverage in the bringing of food and beverage, in a capsule bed are prohibited in principle.
* Enrollment shops that tattoo, tattoo shop, and drunkenness is prohibited at our.
Please be forewarned.