24Open hourly, 7 days a week! It is a men's sauna hotel that is easy to use from Ueno Inaricho, Asakusa, Shinjuku, Shin-Okubo, and Takadababa. Accommodation from 3,100 yen, bathing from 1,850 yen! Relax and refresh at Oizumi! Please spend your time slowly!

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2022June 30, 2010 : Body Care July Schedule
上野稲荷町店 ボディケアルーム 2022年 7月スケジュール

Every SundayLunch 12:00~Will be the start of!

※ Staff may change, so please check at the store when you make a reservation.

We look forward to your use.m(__)m

2022June 25 - : I started cold shampoo!
Shin-Okubo store, Ueno Inari-cho store

Sauna Hotel New OizumiLet's wait and see"Chilled shampoo"I started!

Blow away the gritty joviourRefreshing feelingGive it a try!

The cool feeling of use that becomes addictive isLimited time offerare

2022年6月17日 : Notice of Revision of Bathing Fees(Shin-Okubo branch)

Notice of Revision of Bathing Fees(Shin-Okubo branch)


2時間入浴   1,200円 → 1,400yen
8時間入浴   1,850円 → 1,950yen 

入浴回数券6枚 9,300円 → 10,200yen
延長料金1時間  360円 → 400yen



2022年6月16日 : Notice of Revision of Bathing Fees
Inari-Cho Ueno

Notice of Revision of Bathing Fees


3時間入浴   1,200円 → 1,400yen
8時間入浴   1,850円 → 1,950yen 

入浴回数券6枚 9,300円 → 10,200yen
延長料金1時間  360円 → 400yen



2022May 27 - : Inaricho Restaurant Cafeteria Menu
3F Cafeteria Menu

Some of them have been posted

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