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Oizumi Walker Extra Edition 2

Oizumi Walker, although it will be a continuation of the last time"Taiwan"It is ed.(⌒ ⌒)

Well Taiwan Well《Rain》descends.
By the way, all the time during my stay《Rain》Was(´;ω;`)

But don't worry, because

In the streets of Taiwan【Rainy Street)】Because it has become!

Most of the buildings in the city have upper floors protruding into the street, so you don't need an umbrella even on rainy days.
(It seems that there are housing conditions and building efficiency)
But when you go to Taiwan《Rain》Please be careful of the weather, including:

It's raining all the time, but it's a classic"Tapioca Milk Tea"Locally sourced"Tapioca Holder"Put it in and go shopping!

Today(Dried peach fruit)and(Karasumi)To Dihua Street to get

There are so many kinds of dried fruits and there are so many shops that it is difficult to choose.

Karasumi has been trending in price in Taiwan recently.

You can still buy it for about 1/3 of the price of Japan.(^▽^)/

When walking"Palm Nut (Coconut)"Discover a vending machine!
I was a little scared and couldn't buy it(´;ω;`)

In the city and on the road, there are more motorcycles than the number of cars and bicycles. I found the moped of (YAMAHA) in a considerable number. To be honest, I saw a bicycle during my stay.,2Times.

Looking at the living environment and lifestyle, I think Taiwan is an attractive country.

Today also 25,I went nearly 000 steps.!

That's it for the extra part. I would like to report it again.