24We are open every day of the year! It is a sauna hotel that is easy to use from Ueno, Asakusa, Okachimachi, Shinjuku, Shin-Okubo and Takadanobaba. Accommodation 3,200 yen~, bathing 1,500 yen~! Relax and refresh at "Oizumi"! Take your time!

This Week's Featured!

Not yetDeclaration of the end of the rainy seasonIt is not out, but last weekend"Geki Atsu"でしたね( ;≥;)

もう"It's summer!"I thought!

If this kind of cheerfulness continuesPhysical strength and appetiteIt looks like they are going to fall together.

Sauna Hotel New Oizumi Ueno InarichoAnd now
This week, we will deliver a menu that nourishes the spirit.m(__)m

〈Summer Stamina Curry〉

Special curry topped with ginger and raw egg
Mini salad is also included.

〈Refreshing plum somen〉

Refreshing and smooth with kneaded plums and large leaves(⌒ ⌒)

〈Spicy Chorizo〉

For a light snack. The exciting spiciness is addictive!

3Floor cafeteriaEvery week, we offer a seasonal menu.
Please visit a little after the sauna / bathm(__)m