24We are open every day of the year! It is a sauna hotel that is easy to use from Ueno, Asakusa, Okachimachi, Shinjuku, Shin-Okubo and Takadanobaba. Accommodation 3,200 yen~, bathing 1,500 yen~! Relax and refresh at "Oizumi"! Take your time!

Asakusa Rooster City

Asakusa"Rooster-sama, Ichinotori"Success!

11August 8(gold)To Asakusa"Eagle Shrine"to
"Rake"Ask for(For a drink.)m who has been(__)m

Sauna Hotel New Oizumi InarichoWhile looking at the Skytree from

Through the "Kappa" watches over (Kappa Bridge)

It takes about 15 minutes on foot. It is crowded with a great number of people"Eagle Shrine」!

Every year, there is a large line until you arrive at the shrine, and the atmosphere increases the tension.

There are many stalls selling rakes.
I bought this one that is sold in the shrine precincts every year.

The rake is"Bring in good luck and cool"In the sense of such as
business?It is said that it is a wish for the safety of Mori and his family.

After buying a pitchfork and visiting the shrine, all you have to do is "drink"(^▽^)/

There are quite a few food stalls crowded together.
You can sit down and drink, or you can buy snacks and grab a drink in your hand!

Please be careful not to drink too much.(__)m

Next time"Ninotori"Held11月20日(water)Are.

If you have time, why don't you visit us?(⌒ ⌒)